Mossy Fae

Tio'tia:ke / Montreal

Mossy Fae masterfully blends electronic music, sophistipop, folk, and neo-psychedelia. Known for their innovative approach and a sound that is both ethereal and grounded, they mirror the nuanced relationship between humanity and the natural world. Through the incorporation of contemporary dance, music and visual art, Mossy Fae brings the audience on an immersive journey through gardens of sombre delight. 

Mossy Fae's ethos is deeply entrenched in environmental consciousness and cultural inclusivity. Their work is a fusion of artistic expression and ecological awareness, aiming to bridge the gap between art and nature, and fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the environment. This commitment is reflected in their music, which often explores themes of nature, humanity, and the interplay between the two.

Their debut album "She Burns It Down" offers a tapestry of sounds that range from minimalistic and meditative to dark and introspective. The use of ambient soundscapes, mantra-like vocals, and a mix of organic and synthetic textures creates a deeply immersive and emotionally rich journey for the listener. This blend of elements results in a sound that is both familiar and innovative, reflecting Mossy Fae's artistic vision and storytelling prowess. The album's ability to evoke a variety of emotional responses and its attention to sonic detail ensure its freshness and appeal for years to come.